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It is difficult to copy them, impossible to ignore ...

A wide range of products is under threat of counterfeiting: medicines, baby food, food and organic products, spare parts for cars and machines, electrical material, software, alcoholic beverages, perfumes and cosmetics, clothing, sports equipment and clothing, toys, watches ...

With the appearance of counterfeiting of a certain brand, trust in the company is lost by both customers and the distribution network. In addition to losing profits, companies face additional legal and professional costs until they prove they have fallen victim to counterfeiters.

In some cases, the sale of counterfeit products can pose a real danger to consumers. If drugs, alcoholic beverages of dubious origin, spare parts for cars and machines are included ... people's lives are directly endangered.

In response to the needs of companies to protect their products from counterfeiting, a hologram has been developed as an optical component, currently recognizable to the naked eye that guarantees product authenticity.

Holograms are very difficult to copy or reproduce, so because of this feature they are widely used to protect certain products and documents from forgery.

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